On April 20th, 1999, Billy Epperhart was taking a break to go fishing. Thats when he received the call that two students had opened fire at Columbine High School.

As the pastor of the nearest church to the school, Billy found himself thrust to the forefront of tragedy, broken people with lots of questions, and a whirlwind of media attention. Life changed quickly and darkly for the Columbine community. The lessons Billy practiced and learned from that tragedy have stuck with him ever since.

The principles for navigating change are the same for handling unexpected tragedy to handling a new diet. Change Mastery is a book that offers a spiritual and practical guide to becoming the master of change in your life. Whether life throws an unexpected, difficult change your way, or you just want to lose a couple pound, this book will help you navigate the waters of choosing and implementing change into your life. By mastering change, you will be able to stand strong no matter what comes your way.

Change Mastery

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