Embark on an interstellar adventure with the ultimate bundle of "The Galactic Quests of Captain Zepto" comic series! Join Captain Zepto and his fearless crew of the Light Brigade as they battle the nefarious Dr. Zorb and his sinister schemes across the galaxy. This action-packed collection includes five thrilling issues, each filled with heart-pounding excitement, heroic feats, and powerful lessons in courage and resilience.

  1. The Galactic Quests of Captain Zepto Issue 1: The Island of Doom Evil Dr. Zorb is spreading fear across Earth, and it's up to Captain Zepto and the Light Brigade to stop him! Can they thwart his plans and bring peace back to the planet?

  2. The Galactic Quests of Captain Zepto Issue 2: Disturbance in the Galaxy Dr. Zorb unleashes his negatoids to spread misery and despair. Zepto and his team must race against time to stop these vile creatures and restore hope to the galaxy.

  3. The Galactic Quests of Captain Zepto Issue 3: The Cosmic Inflation Dr. Zorb's latest plot involves inflating people's egos to sow chaos. It's a cosmic showdown as Zepto and the crew work to deflate his wicked scheme and save the galaxy from self-destruction.

  4. The Galactic Quests of Captain Zepto Issue 4: The Great Z Clips In a hair-raising adventure, Dr. Zorb and Granny Z attempt to stop Zepto by messing with his hair. Will Zepto's bravery and quick thinking save the day and keep the galaxy's hope alive?

  5. The Galactic Quests of Captain Zepto Special Christmas Issue: The Crooked Cane Caper Dr. Zorb's latest evil gadgets are making the people of Jollytown forget about Christmas. With the spirit of the season at stake, Captain Zepto and his crew must unravel the Crooked Cane Caper and save Christmas for everyone!

This exclusive bundle is perfect for fans of high-flying heroics and thrilling cosmic battles. Dive into the Galactic Quests of Captain Zepto and experience the epic saga that will leave you on the edge of your seat, cheering for our heroes and yearning for more! Get your collection today and join the fight against Dr. Zorb's evil plans!

The Galactic Quests of Captain Zepto: The Complete Series

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