Thriving in God's Supernatural Economy

There's a war being fought over you! The Kingdom of God offers you divine provision while the Kingdom of Hell fights for territory in your life as a crisis looms on the world’s horizon.

Will you break free of Hell’s economy? International prophet and Bible teacher Joseph Z say it’s urgent to break free now as we rapidly plunge into global difficulties involving worldwide market collapse, bank closures, a digital one-world currency, power grids failing, cyber war, medical deception, natural catastrophes, and unprecedented international conflict.

In Breaking Hell’s Economy, Joseph makes it clear that we’re at a destination in history that requires a revelation of God’s supernatural economy―your ultimate defense against rising darkness. Arm yourself with revelation empowering you to…

  • Operate in God’s last days economy
  • Understand the ultimate end-time wealth transfer
  • Engage the 30-,60-, 100-fold return to break Hell’s yoke off your life
  • Discover your ultimate secret weapon: the wealth of Jesus
  • Debunk religious myths about Jesus and wealth
  • Release the same miracle power of a widow’s jar, desert manna, coin in a fish’s mouth, food multiplication, and floating ax heads. God is ready to do it all again for you!

Lay hold of this revelation, defy Hell, and live your life knowing you are destined to thrive in the last days!

Breaking Hell's Economy: Your Guide to Last Days Supernatural Provision Paperback – October 18, 2022

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