At the end of life, will you be able to say you lived out your destiny?

Do you ever wonder, Is this all there is? You’re passionate about making a lasting footprint for Jesus Christ on this earth, but you struggle with what greatness even looks like. Maybe you’ve even invested time and effort in different projects, but days keep passing, and it still all adds up to mediocre. Forget mediocre and reach for what’s right in front of you! It’s time to recognize who you are and why you’re on this earth now. You were placed in this generation by God’s design for greatness, and your destiny is tied to the technological context of your world. It’s time to engage this giant door of technology to unlock your potential and build the kingdom like never before.

Author, pastor, and evangelist Craig Walker has witnessed nearly 800,000 decisions for Christ in 22 months by utilizing today’s internet technology, and he wants to share how you and your church can repeat what he’s accomplished and surpass it! He wants to inspire you to discover new ways to use via the internet to build the kingdom.

In Born for the Extraordinary, Craig shares…

  • Motivational direction on how to tap into the greatness God placed within you
  • How he used the power of power of video and internet technologies to reach the world – no visa, no passport, no expensive airline tickets
  • How to recognize God’s voice, follow His instruction, and dream beyond your ability
  • Jaw-dropping, firsthand testimonies of miracles, healings, and even witchdoctor deliverances
  • How just one God-inspired idea can evolve into an outreach reaching the uttermost

You were born for this! You were born in this generation where there’s an unprecedented technological window to do extraordinary things for God! Seize the day!

Born for the Extraordinary: When Your Life Aligns with His Purpose

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