It's Time to Unlock Your Potential and Discover Your Destiny!

Do you long to make a difference with your life only to find yourself burned out by unfulfilling work? Have setbacks and failures and criticism stolen your joy and left you questioning your worth and purpose?

The truth that the enemy doesn’t want you to know is that you were created with a purpose and destiny. And not just any purpose or destiny—a world-changing, history-making role only YOU can fill!

Known for activating potential and igniting purpose in those he ministered to, internationally beloved pastor Dr. Myles Munroe takes you on a 40-day journey that will transform your life—and your heart—calling forth who you truly are, unlocking the gifts inside of you, and releasing the fullness of your destiny.

Weaving the most impactful, life-changing teachings of Dr. Munroe with powerful, life-giving Scriptures, this interactive journal empowers you to:


  • Awaken to everything God created you to be.
  • Activate dormant abilities, dreams, and the treasure trove of giftings you possess.
  • Discover your unique place in God’s eternal storyline.
  • Experience the excitement and joy of new possibilities.
  • Put your gifts and unique abilities to work.
  • Know the deep satisfaction of fulfilling your God-ordained purpose.


The chaos and crises of the world are waiting for you to release your God-given purpose and potential—and become the history-maker you were created to be.

Become Who You Were Meant to Be: A Devotional for Fulfilling Your Purpose and Maximizing Your Potential - August 2024

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