Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could have a living encounter with God any time you wanted?

You can! In fact, that’s God’s plan for you. He never meant for you to encounter Jesus just once when you were saved, or even just on occasion. He designed you to live in continual fellowship with Him, to encounter Him every time you pray.

In this book, Terri Copeland Pearsons shares how she began to encounter Jesus as a little girl sitting at her praying grandmother’s feet. She reveals how those encounters with Him changed her life and shaped her ministry in prayer today. And by combining practical teaching with her inspiring stories, she takes you on your own personal journey. A journey that will lead you into the kinds of encounters with God your heart craves.

As you read these pages, sit with Terri at the feet of Jesus. Allow Him to draw you into a closer fellowship with Him that will not only affect your own life, but also many others. Let Him show you how your prayer life can increasingly become 
An Encounter With Him.

An Encounter with Him: Living Connected to God Through Prayer Hardcover – August 6, 2024

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