Warning: A destructive spirit of division has been assigned by the devil to destroy our homes, churches and nation.

But, the good news is we can stand strong in the face of the devil's attempts to divide us! The Body of Christ has the power to keep the enemy in his place. When we stand our ground, he is rendered powerless to bring us down! In A House Not Divided, you'll discover:

How the only power the devil has against a home, church, family or nation is through deception
What you'll experience in the aftermath of division-every time
Why the "ministry of reconciliation" is vital
How you can develop God's heart of love toward others
When we set our hearts to stop division in its tracks, love, faith and reconciliation will abound. Nothing will be impossible for us! A house divided will fall...but as the Body of Christ, we can take a stand and be A House NOT Divided.

A House Not Divided

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