It's Not Fate or CoincidenceÑ

You Can Know God's Will for You!

Too many people meander through life, allowing obstacles to determine their direction. Resigned to passivity, they depend on fate and coincidence to chart their course while never reaching their true destiny.

But you donÕt have to float along aimlessly through life. You can direct your course and pursue GodÕs plans and purposes for you.

Andrew Wommack, well-known and respected Bible teacher, began as a teen pursuing GodÕs will and has walked it out successfully for more than 50 years. Now, Andrew wants to mentor you for the next 90 days so you can find, follow, and fulfill your destiny.

In 90 Days to Finding GodÕs Will, Andrew will encourage and instruct you through quick, simple devotions to help youÉ

  • Tap in to the abilities and purpose God has woven in you from birth
  • Uncover your hidden talents
  • Recognize your potential from GodÕs perspective
  • Discover GodÕs specific plans for your life and how to get there
  • Get beyond yourself and trust God for the supernatural

DonÕt settle for what comes naturally or accidentally in life. Spend the next 90 days with Andrew learning to fulfill the big plans God has for you!

90 Days to Finding God's Will: A Find, Follow, Fulfill Devotional

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