Discover Jesus through His names!

Written in the first person, this unique book invites you into a special encounter with the Savior through His many names in Scripture. Each daily entry reveals a new biblical name for Jesus. With each reading, you will expand your knowledge of His work, deepen your understanding of His character, and be drawn closer to His heart.

Throughout the Bible, Jesus is referred to in over 700 different names, including titles, symbols, figures of speech, types, and metaphors. Why so many? Because the work of Christ is both vast and significant. Discover how He is always acting, guiding, protecting, empowering, forgiving, and offering salvation to those who call on Him.

Prepare to encounter Jesus as…

  • Commander of the Hosts of Armies that wars on your behalf.

  • The Lord of Peace who calms your fears and soothes your anxieties.

  • Light of the Knowledge of the Glory of God who shines in darkened hearts.

  • Righteous Judge who rewards faithfulness and service.

  • The Only Wise God who guides you in times of confusion.

Discover the depths of who Jesus is and who you are in Him!

100 Days with Jesus: Pray with Him Daily in Devotions Free Feature Message (PDF Download)

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