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Does Harrison House ever work with new or unseasoned authors?

Yes, we do. Harrison House is not just looking to publish well known authors but also authors with timely, prophetic, and anointed messages. We are not just looking for polished; we are looking for Spirit-empowered.

We have limited space for first time authors in each season - keeping this in mind, remember to help us understand what makes you unique as an author. Every story line has been done before… What makes your manuscript stand out?

If for some reason we are not able to publish your manuscript at this time, keep on writing. Continuing to develop your craft and improve your style will bring you that much closer to achieving your dreams. Build your platform, your visibility, your traveling schedule, and your message!


Why do I even need a publisher? Can’t “Anyone” just self-publish their book?

Yes, “anyone” can publish their book – and that is both a positive and a negative. In an ever-expanding global market where there are literally millions of books for audiences to choose from, how do they know which titles to choose?

Our vision is not only to publish your book, but also, represent you, as the author, to our global market.

Also, more than receiving representation you are guaranteed a high quality product that will set your book apart from self-published works



Are there any types of books that you DO NOT publish?

For authors who reside outside of the United States: We are rarely able to publish books from authors who reside outside of the country– namely those who have not already established a platform in the US as an author or speaker. The main reason for this is marketing, as it is extremely difficult for an author to market a book in the US if he or she is rarely (or never) able to travel here.

We also do not publish books of poetry, art, or children’s books. We are also extremely limited with the amount of fiction books we are able to publish.


Does Harrison House self-publish?

Harrison House does not offer self-publishing services. We are a traditional publisher, which makes for a vastly different process. There are several major differences which are outlined below:


What is the cost of publishing?

This can often be a frustrating topic for brand new authors, as there is no set dollar amount that will be true for every book. Each book is unique, so costs will vary. When working with brand new authors who have not yet established a strong platform, we will guide them through a process:

1.  If our Acquisitions Review Board approves of the manuscript for possibly publication, we will then set up an initial consultation to pursue further discussion with the author.

2.  Based on Author Platform, Message, and Reach, Harrison House will determine what a realistic course of action would be in terms of a book purchase (anywhere from 500 to 3,000 books – depending upon the subject matter of the book and the author’s platform). This amount will be stipulated in the contract that is signed. These books will be sold to the author at a highly discounted rate, and will simply serve as a sign of investment and commitment on the part of the author.

The task of publishing and marketing a book is a partnership between a publisher and an author, and this partnership will require commitment to the project. Typing “The End” is only the beginning. Be prepared to help develop, promote, and market your book while we work to do the same!

Your 4 Steps to Submission:


1. Download and fill out one of our Book Proposal Forms:

2.  New Authors Book Proposal Form   •   Returning Authors Book Proposal  Form

3.  Please ONLY email your completed form to us along with any portion of your manuscript that you wish to include.

     Send to:

4.  In the Subject line in your email mark as ATTN: Harrison House


The Acquisitions Board will review your manuscript for publication within 6-8 weeks. If you do not hear back from us regarding your manuscript, we are unable to publish it at this time.

We are currently not accepting physical manuscript submissions. Please submit your book proposal with any accompanying documents via email.

      We look forward to hearing from you — thank you for sharing your heart and your story with us!
      The Harrison House Team