Monday 3/5 Deals


[group title:New Mini Books]

[img:; title:Move Your Mountain; subtitle:Gary Best; link:Amazon; link-url:]

[img:; title:The Astonishing Power of Miracles; subtitle:Denny Cline; link:Amazon; link-url:]

[img:; title:The Real Supernatural; subtitle:Bobby Conner; link:Amazon; link-url:]

[img:; title:Signs and Wonders of the New Churches; subtitle:Wolfgang Simpon; link:Amazon; link-url:]


[group title:Discount Digital Products]

[img:; title:99¢*; subtitle;Kindle e-book; link:Amazon; link-url:]

[img:; title:FREE*; subtitle:Kindle e-book; link:Amazon; link-url:]

[img:; title:FREE; subtitle:PDF Download; link:Get Now; link-url:]


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*Discount pricing ends 3/8. Pricing does not include any international charges that may apply.