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Overcome Self-Sabotage, Take Control of Your Life, and Keep Your Crown


Do you feel trapped by your past, constantly compare yourself to others, or feel you're just not good enough? These attacks on your self-worth may cause you to miss what God truly desires for you!

Over 12 powerful sessions, co-pastor and international minister MiChelle Ferguson reveals the subtle lies the enemy uses to steal your purpose and the tactics you need to take back your identity in Christ.


  • 12 Video Sessions

Watch, learn, and overcome as MiChelle takes you through 12 powerful sessions to take back your identity.

  • Practical application

Recognize the oppression of the enemy and defeat his attempts to steal your identity with practical steps. 


Recognize the inner majesty God has given you.

Protect your heart and the boundaries of your life.

Watch closely when things look too good.

Be wary of devious distractions.


MiChelle Ferguson constantly rose above criticism and unrealistic and unfair expectations in life, which inspired her to be a catalyst, spurring others on to success no matter how impossible their circumstances seem. MiChelle has made it her goal to instill a high self-esteem in others by revealing their priceless value in Christ Jesus. Today, MiChelle is the CEO of an international ministry and an award-winning flautist. A graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center, she is an author and conference speaker who travels around the world sharing what it means to have confidence, backbone, and fortitude.

take back your 

true identity in Jesus!

Throughout the course, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, guided by MiChelle Ferguson's expertise and wisdom. Each session will empower you with valuable lessons and practical tools to:

  • Unveil Your Inner Majesty: Embrace the inherent majesty bestowed upon you by God and acknowledge your unique worth.
  • Guard Your Heart: Establish healthy boundaries to protect your heart and cultivate a life that aligns with your true identity.
  • The Illusion of Perfection: Learn to discern when things appear too good to be true, enabling you to navigate potential pitfalls and false promises.
  • Distractions and Deception: Stay vigilant against cunning distractions designed to hinder your progress and deter you from fulfilling your purpose.
  • Wise Influence: Harness the power of your influence and use it wisely to impact the world around you positively.

Throughout this eye-opening course, you will develop the ability to recognize the subtle tactics employed by the enemy to undermine your self-worth. By embracing the teachings and insights provided, you will regain your true and glorious identity in Christ Jesus.