Craig Groeschel and Irrational Generosity - Feature Message
Description: This is the story of Craig Groeschel and Witness how one of America's largest churches, and it's founding paster, discover the beauty and importance of radical generosity. [Note: This product is a PDF Digital Download]
Generosity Bet
Description: "Your Key to Experiencing a Life of Joy, Success, and Lasting Impact!  Bill High's message isn't just about being generous; it's about the very real process of becoming generous. The Generosity Bet reminds us that God is working in...
Rick Warren and Generous Living - Feature Message
Description: Meet Rick Warren—author of The Purpose Driven Life and Senior Pastor of Saddleback Church. Follow his journey to success, discover his amazing commitment to generosity, and gain valuable insight into what it truly means to live with an open hand. [Note: This product is...
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