Simon T. Bailey

Simon T. Bailey

Simon T. Bailey is a best-selling author, a Hall of Fame Speaker, and the CEO of Simon T. Bailey International, a company specializing in creating learning and development for individuals and organizations. Simon’s purpose is to teach 1 Billion people how to be brilliant in an average world.

Since leaving his position as Sales Director for the world renowned Disney Institute, he has worked with over 1,000 organizations and has impacted over 1,000,000 people in 45 countries worldwide. As a critically acclaimed keynote speaker, executive adviser, and best-selling author he doesn’t tell people where to go but guides them in the direction of where they need to go.

His latest creation is the Shift Your Brilliance System which instills the mindset needed to thrive in the 21st century. His Uber popular course on has been viewed by men and women in 100 countries. He is one of America’s Top Ten Most booked Corporate and Association Speakers on the subject of brilliance, leadership and customer experience.




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Brilliant Living
Simon T Bailey
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Shift Your Brilliance
Simon T. Bailey
Description: Brilliance Is A DecisionIt's Time to Disrupt Your Current Reality and...Experience Your Shift Into Brilliance This book is your...
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