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Shawn Gabie

Shawn Gabie

Shawn Gabie Shawn Gabie and his wife Michelle are the founders of ‘Kingdom Culture Ministries’ based out of Ottawa, Ontario. At age 18 Shawn was radically changed by the power of God out of a rebellious lifestyle. He was then immediately thrust into a 6-month season of visitation where his life was transformed and never the same again. His heart is to help everyone everwhere truly experience God in their everyday lives. Shawn carries a strong gift to teach and train all believers from all backgrounds in the Supernatural, leadership, and much more. He is author of the book 'Secrets of the Supernatural Life' and of the ‘Daniel Schools,' a series of training courses designed to help the believer access all that is available to them in Christ. He has appeared on television, both secular and Christian, and both him and his wife are the lead Pastors of a great and thriving local church in the nation's capital. They have 3 beautiful children, Promise, Victory, & Ezekiel.
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