Jumpstart Your Business
Description: Do you have a business? Do you want to start a business? Do you work for a business? Then this book should be the "cannot miss" book for you to read this year. In Jumpstart Your Business, you will...
Jumpstart Your Creativity
Description: Are you creative? Do you want to be more creative in your business and personal life? Everyone has the ability to be creative. This fun lighthearted and easy to read book will give you 10 Jolts to reawaken and...
$7.99 $4.99
Jumpstart Your Customer Service
Description: Turn Your Customers Into Raving Fans! Great customer service can be all the difference between a mediocre company and a profitable one. In this fun and easy to read book, you will discover 10 Jolts to Jumpstarting Your Own...
Jumpstart your Leadership
Description: Jumpstart Your Leadership- 10 Jolts to Leverage Your Leadership Are you a leader? Would like to be a better leader? Would you like to be a leader in the future? Then this book is for you. In this book...
$14.99 $11.99
Jumpstart Your Motivation
Description: Warning! Exposure to the contents in this book may cause severe change in attitude, unbridled enthusiasm, unlimited accomplishment, renewed passion, a more active lifestyle, heightened joy, extended moments of happiness, or increased earnings. These changes may affect your family,...
$14.99 $11.99
Jumpstart Your Networking
Description: There is an old saying that goes, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Even in today’s world this is still true. In Jumpstart Your Networking, Shawn Doyle CSP will share with you the tools, tips, and...
Jumpstart Your Productivity
Description: Are you productive? Would you like to be more productive? Are you frustrated that sometimes you have so much to do on your "to do" list that stuff ends up on the next day's "to do" list? Well, good...
Description: What is MO?    The purpose of MO! is to help people get and stay motivated but with a very unique twist. See most people think that motivation for them is out of reach. They have an average job...
The Goal Tender
Description: For far too long, Joe Gregory, a thirty-five year old account manager has been drifting through life. He is in a rut, not feeling very happy or satisfied with life personally or professionally. One sunny morning he steps onto...
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