Standing in Faith Against Coronavirus
Description: A prayer guide to carry you through the Coronavirus outbreak. God’s Word is a beautiful gift to stand on! This free download will teach you to pray, declare, and hear prophecy about His will, creating faith and protection in...
Free Feature Message: Activating the Seer Revelation (Digital Download)
Description: In this excerpt from Secrets of the Seer, Shawn Bolz and Jamie Galloway discuss the Seer's role in God's Kingdom purposes and Biblical examples of bilocation, convergence, and parallel universes. They address keys to unlocking these secrets, and offer a...
An Interview with Shawn Bolz - Free Feature Message
Description: Free PDF Download Shawn Bolz talks about engaging culture through the arts, creativity and working with city governments to have increased influence. Interview by Anthony Colson, Reclaimd Magazine
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