Christmas - The Rest of the Story Hardcover – November 1, 2022
There's More to This StoryThan You've Been Told Is there more about the story of Christmas you wish you understood or that you have specific questions about? In this storybook of biblical truth and history, Rick Renner takes you on...
$44.99 $39.99
Cultivating an Intimate Relationship with God: Experience and Enjoy the Supernatural Benefits Paperback – November 8, 2022
Satisfy the deepest longing of your heart! Many believers feel frustrated in their Christian lives. They go through spiritual disciplines and religious practices, but do not feel closer to God. This life of dead religion is not what you were...
$19.99 $16.99
Proverbs: Timeless Wisdom for a Life of Blessing Hardcover – November 15, 2022
The book of Proverbs was written for two groups of people: those who know they need wisdom and those who don't. Whichever category you fall into, the road map to a blessed life is the same: choose wisdom, follow God,...
$39.99 $29.99
Equipping the Saints: Raising Up Everyday Revivalists Who Sustain the Move of God Paperback – November 15, 2022
You are called to lead. This book will help. We are on the cusp of the greatest move of God our generation has ever seen! But, if the right leadership culture is not in place, this new revival will never...
$19.99 $14.99
Glory Miracles: Creating Atmospheres for the Power of God to Flow Paperback – November 15, 2022
Miracles, signs, and wonders can be part of your everyday life! When you study the life and ministry of Jesus, it becomes quickly evident that miracles are central to the Gospel. Miracles are demonstrations of God's supernatural power that draw...
$19.99 $16.99
Grace and Forgiveness: A Powerful Key to Your Freedom and Healing Paperback – November 15, 2022
Forgiveness is the Key for Healing and Personal Revival If you've been frustrated by fruitless prayers for healing, greater supernatural encounters, or corporate revival, you may be experiencing a serious spiritual blockage: unforgiveness. Scripture is clear – clinging to unforgiveness...
$14.99 $11.99
Pray Until: The Secret to Receiving Your Miracle Paperback – November 15, 2022
Discover the Secret to Receiving Your Miracle Your "until" moment is coming – that victorious moment of breakthrough after your long season of desperate prayer finally pays off! When it seems like the fight is lost, don't despair―this fight is...
$19.99 $16.99
Unless We Pray: The Hour is Late. God has a Plan and This is It! Paperback – November 15, 2022
"Hell is about to feel the fury of millions of praying lions - full of power, glory, and fire." - Todd Smith Our world, increasingly ravaged by darkness, is in desperate need for much more than human solutions. We need...
$19.99 $16.99
His Blood Speaks: 31-Day Devotional, Your Victory ― the Devil's Defeat Paperback – November 15, 2022
Guaranteeing the Devil's Defeat! Unseen forces and hindrances―fear, failure, sickness, trauma, guilt, and more often try to stand in your way. These destructive enemies play keep-away with God's best for your life. Is there a way to permanently overcome? Yes! The Blood...
$17.99 $14.99
60 Days of Purpose: A Devotional Journal to Define Your Destiny and Achieve True Success Paperback – November 15, 2022
Unearth the Greatness That God Placed in You! "Every believer has received grace gifts, so use them to serve one another as faithful stewards of the many-colored tapestry of God's grace."- 1 Peter 4:10, TPT BeforeHe created the world, God...
$15.99 $11.99
I Sleep But My Heart is Awake: A Guided Journal for Hearing God Through Your Dreams Paperback – November 1, 2022
In Your Sleep, God is Speaking Did you realize that your spirit never sleeps? When your body sleeps God has your full attention because your distracted mind is temporarily on pause. This is when God can use dreams to impart...
$14.99 $11.99
Cultivando una relación íntima con Dios (Spanish Edition): Experimente y disfrute sus beneficios sobrenaturales Paperback – November 8, 2022
¡Satisface el anhelo más profundo de tu corazón! Muchos creyentes se sienten frustrados en sus vidas cristianas. Pasan por disciplinas espirituales y prácticas religiosas, pero no se sienten más cerca de Dios. ¡Esta vida de religión muerta no es para...
$14.99 $13.99
My Best Friend, Holy Spirit Paperback – November 15, 2022
Children can know and experience Holy Spirit in all His fullness! My Friend, Holy Spirit was written to provide beautiful shared experiences between you, your child, and Holy Spirit. Through simple teaching and powerful activations, this book will help you...
$12.99 $9.99
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