Praying in the Holy Spirit: Secrets to Igniting and Sustaining a Lifestyle of Effective Prayer
Description: If you’ve ever been frustrated in your prayer life, this book is for you. Do you ever feel like your prayers are not effective? Does your prayer life lack vitality and consistency? The secret to a thriving prayer life...
$18.99 $15.99
The Divinity Code to Understanding Angels: An A to Z Guide to God's Angelic Host
Description: Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?Hebrews 1:14, NIV The angelic realm exists to partner with believers in accomplishing God’s will on earth. Angels serve alongside the children of God in the work...
$18.99 $15.99
Mutzphey's Last Stand: A Mutzphey and Milo Story!
Description: It’s summer, the perfect time for Mutzphey and Milo to start their new lemonade stand. Together, with starry-eyed visions of success, they get to work right away. Beginning in their own neighborhood, they plan to distribute lemonade worldwide by...
$17.99 $13.99
Miracles and the Supernatural throughout Church History: Remarkable Manifestations of the Holy Spirit From the First Century Until Today
Description: Miracles of the Past Preparing You for the FutureThe Body of Christ is ordained to walk in the supernatural. That has always been the plan, and you have a part to play in the mercy, power, and love of...
$17.99 $14.99
Testing the Supernatural: How to Biblically Test Dreams, Visions, Revelations, and Spiritual Manifestations
Description: Is This Spiritual Experience Really From God? It’s a question many are asking, especially in these last days when dreams, visions, and new revelations seem to abound. In his book Testing the Supernatural — How To Biblically Test Dreams,...
$12.99 $9.99
Revealing the Healer: A Complete Guide to Manifesting the Healing Power of Jesus
Description: You can heal like Jesus did. When she was six years old, Yvon Attia fell out of a three-story building in Cairo, Egypt. In a dramatic encounter with Jesus, she was divinely healed. Today, as a healing minister, she teaches...
$16.99 $9.99
Setting Captives Free: How to Break the Chains of Demonic Influence
Description: The Spirit of God within you has power and authority over all the works of the devil! Deliverance ministry should be a normal part of your everyday Christian life!  Deliverance was a key part of Jesus’ ministry and we need it...
$16.99 $13.99
The Surprising Power of Joy: Reclaiming the Forgotten Fruit of the Spirit to Release Heaven's Atmosphere
Description: True Joy is Powerful When despair becomes the spirit of the age, and hopelessness breeds increasing chaos, how should Christians respond? For dark times like these, God has given His children a sure anchor and a powerful weapon: Joy. Worship leader and...
$16.99 $13.99
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