Called Together
Description: You CAN build a strong and lasting marriage! Even if you have pre-marriage counseling with your pastor, this book is an excellent and richly rewarding experience for both of you to share! --The Publisher To build a strong, lasting...
$15.99 $7.99
Fight of Your Life
Description: No matter how many times you have lost the battle—you can still win the war!  There’s a war going on for the souls of men. It’s reached epic levels and is threatening the very fabric of generations—grandfathers, dads, sons,...
$17.99 $13.99
Get Married, Stay Married
Description: Get Married, Stay Married is a complete series of marriage counseling sessions rolled into one comprehensive book that couples can read and absorb together. The reality of the authors’ own 44-year marriage and the infidelity and addiction troubles they...
$16.99 $12.99
Sold Out
Description: “Dr. Clinton’s novella will encourage, inspire and challenge you to greatness.” Pat Williams, Orlando Magic senior vice president, Author of Coach Wooden’s Greatest Secret “This book is so compelling that I skipped an NFL playoff game because I could...
$14.99 $11.99
Kingdom Parenting
Description: Kingdom Parenting provides answers to burning questions both teens and parents have in facing the unique challenges of being a parent or teen today. This book examines the changing times, changing family structure, and provides solutions to both parents...
$17.99 $13.99
Purpose and Power of Love and Marriage
Description: HOW MANY OF US TRULY UNDERSTAND LOVE? Probably no other dimension of human experience has been pondered, discussed, debated, analyzed, and dreamed about more than the nature of true love. Yet, for all our thinking and talking, where can...
$17.99 $9.99
Single, Married, Separated and Life after Divorce
Description: In Single, Married, Separated and Life after Divorce Expanded Edition, Myles Munroe goes more in depth exploring the full range of human relationships. He demolishes the myths surrounding 'singleness' as he declares that it is okay to be single,...
$17.99 $9.99
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Description: Get Out of the "Marriage Rut" and Find Hope & Happiness Together Do you feel stuck in your marriage or distanced from your spouse? Maybe you've reached the point where you feel like roommates-two people just co-existing together. Every...
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