Have You Experienced the Power of Your Kingdom Citizenship?

Are you thriving in life?

As a child of the King, you are meant to flourish in the limitless blessing, favor, and provision that's yours as a Kingdom citizen! Yet too many believers will go their entire lives simply trying to "get by" on their way to Heaven, abdicating their royal rights―then wondering why they’re so defeated.

But we are meant to live as Kingdom royalty and ambassadors here on Earth.

In You Are a King, acclaimed pastor and bestselling author Dr. Myles Munroe issues a timely, clarion call for you to rise above your self-limiting beliefs and operate as a son or daughter of the King, confidently accessing the infinite blessings and resources of His Kingdom realm.

Through short, powerful chapters filled with Spirit-inspired encouragement and biblical wisdom, Dr. Munroe empowers you to:

  • Agree with what God says about your identity.
  • Think like royalty.
  • Live as a heavenly ambassador here on Earth.
  • Access God’s boundless blessings.
  • Release supernatural provision into your world.

You are first and foremost a citizen―and royalty―of God’s Kingdom. It’s time to stop living beneath your privileges, downtrodden by earthly trials. Here is everything you need to fully thrive, walking in unlimited access to every blessing and benefit of your identity and status in Christ.

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You Are a King: Access the Unlimited Resources of God's Abundant Kingdom (Paperback) - May 7, 2024

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