NKJV Kenneth Copeland Study Bible DS
Description: This leather-look softcover edition features over 170 pages of Brother Copeland's personal notes.
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Healing Scriptures CD
Description:  Defeat your doubts and receive your healing by allowing the healing power of God's Word to flow through you. Listen as Kenneth Copeland recites anointed healing scriptures, shares wisdom from Jesus' healing ministry, and gives you powerful promises to...
Ceremony of Marriage
Description: The marriage union is the closest relationship that can exist between two human beings. When a man and woman decide to join together in marriage, they should do so with full realization of their responsibilities. Marriage is serious business....
Power of The Tongue
Description: Words have played a vital role since the beginning of time. In the book of Genesis, God created the world and everything in it with His words. Today, as believers, we have the same God-like ability to speak those...
Kenneth Copeland Ref. Bible Burgundy DS
Description: Prosperity, grace, righteousness, honor, faith, covenant. You?ll find Kenneth Copeland?s personal study notes on all these topics in the Kenneth Copeland Reference Edition Bible! Choose blue, black or burgundy top-grain leather binding. King James Version.
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Covenant Of Blood
Description: Look out! The giant is back. And he's threatening the children of God with poverty, sickness, failure, and death. But don't let him scare you. You've got a secret weapon. It once turned a shepherd boy into a bear-busting,...
$3.49 $2.49
Welcome To The Family
Description:  In this book, Kenneth Copeland shares on a one-to-one basis the steps you are to follow in joining God's family. He shows what God's Word says about receiving salvation, Baptism in the Holy Spirit and healing. Heaven wouldn't be...
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Faith And Patience
Description:  Oh Lord, how long? If you've ever asked that question, this book is for you! It will help you learn how to wait...without wavering. To persevere in faith (even when you're under pressure) until your victory comes. Discover the...
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Six Steps to Excellence In Ministry
Description:  God is raising up people all over the world who are hungry to know Him and fulfill His purpose for their lives. They're serving God through ministry not only in pulpits and on mission fields, but also in homes,...
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You Are Healed!
Description:  "I want my people well." This is the cry of God's heart. And it is such a deep desire that He has provided a covenant, a promise, of healing for all who will believe. In this brief, but thorough...
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A House Not Divided
Description: Warning: A destructive spirit of division has been assigned by the devil to destroy our homes, churches and nation. But, the good news is we can stand strong in the face of the devil's attempts to divide us! The...
Freedom From Fear
Description:  There are two spiritual laws at work in the world today: the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus and the law of sin and death. The force of faith comes from life. The force of fear...
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Kenneth Copeland New Testament
Description: Get on the same page with Kenneth Copeland. Glean from the revelation and insights Kenneth Copeland has discovered and written down in this Personal Notes Edition New Testament. This complete New Testament in the Authorized King James Version comes...
Break the Chain of Worry
Description: Worry. It's the enemy's way to subtly steal from you...kill you...destroy you...while convincing you that you're doing the "responsible" thing. It's the tool he uses to make sure you're so focused on the problem that you don't see God's...
How To Receive Communion
Description: Is communion just a religious observance? Or, is it an actual connecting point with the power of Jesus Christ Himself? There is much more involved in receiving Communion than most Christians realize. How to Receive Communion provides instructions on...
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Racism in the Church
Description:  No one in their right mind would willingly turn a rattlesnake loose in their home! Yet people everywhere are doing it right now. They're throwing open the doors of their lives and communities to a spiritual snake so deadly...
How To Discipline Your Flesh
Description:  Have you ever wondered, If i'm more than a conqueror, then why can't I quit smoking? Why can't I stop overeating? Why am I living in defeat? If you're a Spirit-filled believer, you have the power to be victorious....
How You Call It Is How It Will Be
Description: Like it or not, this is a word-created, word-controlled universe. God established it that way from the very beginning, calling "things which be not as though they were" (Romans 4:17). He set this whole system in motion by speaking...
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Healing Promises
Description:  Is healing alive and well in your life-the way you want it to be? God promised healing for His people. And God doesn't break a promise. The same healing power you read about in the Bible is still around...
Dream Big, Talk Big
Description:  When you hear God talking BIG things to you through His Word and directly to your heart, and then you talk the same thing - thinking BIG, dreaming BIG and acting BIG...faith will rise. You will turn your faith...
El Poder de La Lengua
Description: Las palabras han desempeñado un papel fundamental desde el inicio de los tiempos. Fue precisamente con palabras como Dios creó el mundo y todo lo que en él existe, según relata el libro de Génesis. Hoy, como creyentes, tenemos...
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Image Of God In You
Description: So you want to make some changes in your life. Maybe lose some weight. Or get your finances in shape. But first, you have to change your self-image. You have to begin seeing yourself as a winner, not a...
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Only One Thing
Description: What's on your to-do list? From sunrise to sunset, you're checking off items. Some may be easy, some may be challenging. Yet only one thing will help you with all your daily tasks: attending to God's Word (Proverbs 4:20)....
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Force of Faith
Description:  How is the human spirit reborn? ~ What is faith? ~ How does fear affect the physical body? What is the force of faith? Kenneth Copeland explores these questions and more in this enlightening, inspiring two-chapter study of faith....
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