Do Not Leave Quietly: A Call for Everyday People to Rise Up and Defeat Evil Paperback – May 31, 2022
Description: You were raised up for this moment to speak on behalf of Heaven. The battle is raging. Two realms are seeking to influence the natural world - light or darkness. There is no middle ground. Depending on how you participate...
$16.99 $14.99
The Spirit of Prophecy: A Portal to the Presence and Power of God Paperback – June 21, 2022
A Supernatural Tool for End-Time Revival You are living in the last days―a season where God is pouring out His Spirit upon believers, empowering them to walk in the greatest flood of prophetic power the earth has ever seen, and...
$16.99 $13.99
Turnaround Decrees: Disrupt the Enemy's Plans and Shift Your Circumstance Into Breakthrough Paperback – June 21, 2022
Interrupt the plans of darkness and shift circumstances to align with God's will! In our culture, the powers of darkness have been working overtime to turn a generation away from God, discipling society in wickedness, destroying families, ravaging finances, afflicting...
$19.99 $15.99
End Times Made Easy: There's No Bad News for the Christian! Paperback – June 21, 2022
60+ Signs of Jesus' Soon Return! As the world grows more volatile with looming wars, rampant pandemics, and violence in the streets, many people are wondering, Is the end near? YES! But it’s wonderful news! Jesus is coming soon! Sure, there is...
$19.99 $15.99
Reclaiming Revival: Calling a Generation to Contend for Historic Awakening Paperback – June 21, 2022
Every great revival begins with a groan.Today, many Christians desperately cry out to God, pleading for Him to send spiritual awakening. But there is a realm of effective prayer that can tip the heavenly prayer bowls to release the historic...
$19.99 $14.99
God's Road to Financial Freedom: Simple Steps to Destroy Debt, Build Wealth, and Live Free! Hardcover – June 21, 2022
Powerful Tools to Make Your Money Work for YouMany Christians are aware that God wants them blessed, but they do not understand how to walk in that blessing. For example, the average American household earns $79,000 but faces a staggering $145,000...
$15.99 $11.99
When the Heavens are Brass: Practical Keys to Experiencing Genuine Revival Paperback – June 21, 2022
A prophetic alarm clock is sounding: it's time for revival! Pastor John Kilpatrick sounds a prophetic trumpet for believers to lay down their plans and programs that will never bring true revival. This is a call to return to the simplicity...
$19.99 $14.99
Night Vision: Making Sense of Supernatural Dream Encounters Paperback – June 21, 2022
While you sleep, the Holy Spirit is still speaking! What did that blue tree mean in your dream last night? Was it because of the pizza you had for dinner, or was God speaking to you? Many believers really want to...
$16.99 $12.99
Dominion!: Your Role in Bringing Heaven to Earth Paperback – June 21, 2022
Every sphere of society is crying out for Kingdom transformation! Sadly, poor teaching and great misunderstanding have led many Christians to reject any notion of so-called "dominion theology." This has left the dominion mandate that Jesus imparted to all believers...
$19.99 $15.99
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