Did you know that the current technologies praised in the media—like genetic engineering, cryogenics, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence—are driven by demonic designs? That current advancements are actually taking us further away from God's original design?

Scientists and futurists push to enhance mankind into a post-human race with man-made superpowers. But this is treacherous ground, following in the devil’s own footsteps. We’ve forgotten that our Creator’s desire is to transform us from a fallen creation into a new creation with divinely-given supernatural power.

Diving into the alarming goals of transhumanism—and its demonic implications for humanity—beloved pastor Bishop Hugh Smith reveals how to truly receive superhuman capabilities, imparting urgent prophetic insight on these end-times phenomena and revealing God’s true strategy for transforming you into an enhanced human being.

In this eye-opening, timely book, Bishop Smith goes beyond the headlines and media hype, exposing the dehumanizing agenda sweeping the world today, and offers prophetic interpretation and practical, grounded, biblical teaching that empowers you to:


  • Understand what God is saying about man-enhancing technology—and its immediate and eternal consequences.
  • Recognize demonic counterfeits of God’s design and power.
  • Receive superhuman wisdom and abilities through the Holy Spirit.
  • Operate in your anointed "Christ-implants" for higher effectiveness and functionality.
  • Improve what truly matters—your relationship with Jesus.
  • Topple the global altars of self-glorification.
  • Live with true enhanced humanity—body, mind, spirit, soul—to advance His Kingdom.


Heaven is extending a supernatural upgrade to all believers! It’s time to stop enhancing our sinfulness, remaking man in our own fallen image. You are created in the image of God—it’s time to live like it!

Nation Shakers Book Bundle
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Nation Shakers Book Bundle

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Higher Authority: Operate in the Supernatural Power of God and Expose Hell's Plot to Distort Humanity Paperback – July 2, 2024

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