Daily Decrees for Family Blessing and Breakthrough: Defeat the Assignments of Hell Against Your Family and Create Heavenly Atmospheres in Your Home (Paperback)
Description: Decree your victory and defeat hell’s every scheme against your family! In an age where our families are under attack from all sides, you have a sure strategy to secure Heaven’s victory over your marriage, children and household: boldly decree...
$18.99 $13.99
The Making of a Watchman: Practical Training for Prophetic Prayer and Powerful Intercession (Paperback)
Description: The “Watchman Anointing” is being released in this hour! If you seek to better understand the times and seasons, read on. If you are compelled by Jesus’ words to watch and to pray, this book is for you! Throughout Scripture, God...
$19.99 $16.99
God & The LGBT Community: A Compassionate Guide for Parents, Families, and Churches (Paperback)
Description: Who has the answers to tough questions about sexuality?Questions about what the Bible says about the LGBT community abound in Christian circles. Pastors and ministry leaders are flooded with inquiries. Parents and loved ones ask how to respond to...
$19.99 $14.99
Angels of Fire: The Ministry of Angels in End-Time Revival (Paperback)
Description: The supernatural link between angels of fire and the coming move of God’s glory! The angelic host has been with us from the beginning. While they are not often recognized by the human eye, they have been present all along...
$19.99 $16.99
365 Days of Increase: Personalized Prayers and Confessions to Establish Your Heart and Mind in the Purposes of God (Paperback)
Description: Empowered to Increase None of us is immune to life’s challenges, but we don’t have to be limited by them either. God’s Word can empower us to overcome our challenges and change our circumstances! In 365 Days of Increase, author, teacher, and broadcaster...
$19.99 $16.99
The Galactic Quests of Captain Zepto: Issue 2: Disturbance in the Galaxy (Paperback)
Description: The dastardly Dr. Zorb has a new trick up his sleeve… he is sending out his army of negatoids to bring misery to people all over the earth. Captain Zepto and the Light Brigade are the only ones who...
$9.99 $6.99
Maria Woodworth-Etter: The Complete Collection of Her Life Teachings (Paperback)
Description: Catch the Holy Spirit Fire! There are times when looking back helps to fuel our future. Looking back at the life of evangelist Maria Woodworth-Etter, you will be emboldened by the truth that nothing is impossible to the believer...
$21.99 $18.99
Life Foundations: Six Pillars to Knowing God, Yourself, and Impacting Others (Paperback)
Description: Faith SimplifiedWant to know more about God and His Word? Sometimes, it can be difficult to even know where to begin! But everything you need to know about God and yourself can be found in six core principles. These simple,...
$19.99 $16.99
Prayers that Avail Much to Overcome Anxiety and Depression (Paperback)
Description: You Can Live in Peace!  When it comes to victims, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and grief do not discriminate. These afflictions oppress so many individuals, that the crisis has reached epidemic proportions.  If it is a daily battle to maintain...
$15.99 $12.99
Take Your Place in the Harvest of Nations: Revival Stories from Europe that Will Ignite Your Faith for Awakening (Paperback)
Description: As a believer in Jesus Christ, you are called to change the world! If you’re wondering how to do that, you’ve come to the right place. No matter where you are in your journey, Take Your Place in the Harvest...
$19.99 $16.99
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