Take Back What the Devil Has Stolen!

It's a critical and pivotal moment in America with ominous signs all around. Most Christians firmly agree the nation is on a dangerous trajectory.

Pastor Mark Cowart puts the blame―and the solution―for our nation’s ills squarely on the Church. The lukewarm Church has been the nation’s greatest threat, causing this "city on a hill" to hide its light and fall asleep under a blanket of cultural darkness. But there is hope! The alarm has sounded, and God is awakening His people. An army is rising to engage culture and transform society. Are you in their ranks?

In Army of God Rising, Pastor Mark lays out a strategy for how you can join the battle, fight with valor, and emerge victorious.

Learn to…

  • Recognize the end-time season we’re in
  • Understand the authority and power of the Church
  • Wake up the mighty men of the Church
  • Seek God’s direction to repair what’s broken
  • Achieve victory as ordinary people following an extraordinary God

Take your place in God’s end-time army and reclaim the ground the devil has stolen!

Apostles and Prophets: Their Roles in the Past, Present, and Last-Days Church Paperback – January 17, 2023
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Apostles and Prophets: ...

Army of God Rising 3 Book Offer
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Army of God Rising 3 Bo...


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