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You Can Be Healed: How to Believe God for Your Healing
Description: You can be HEALED You Can Be Healed is a powerful book that defies conventional, worldly thought and confirms spiritual, heavenly wisdom. Billy Joe Daugherty, pastor, author, and broadcast minister, shares healing words that drive out oppression and welcome in...
$15.99 $4.99
Death Is Not The End
Description:  What hope is there for a loved one who has died? And what comfort is there for those who mourn their passing away? In this book of hope and encouragement, Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty reminds us of Jesus' profound...
$5.49 $3.99
When Life Throws You a Curve: Divine Strategies for Handling Whatever Life Throws You
Description: There are many times in life when you find a curve ball has been thrown at you...unexpected problems such as divorce, loss of a job, sickness or financial pitfalls. Learning how to successfully overcome these obstacles can help you...
$15.99 $4.99
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